Our quality policy

Let’s talk about quality.

Quality is critical for our mission to help people unleash their potential for a better life.

However, quality is not just a system of policies and processes. It is a mindset. It is what helps us to always try to offer the best possible products and services to our customers.

Each of us can make a difference and we are all responsible, not just the quality departments.

We ensure good services and quality products by:

  • Listening to feedback and acting accordingly
  • Remembering that innovation is central to achieving our ambitions
  • Collaborating with HCPs to deliver a wide range of hearing solutions
  • Carefully considering the needs of hearing-impaired people


Quality requires a company-wide commitment to compliance which goes beyond answering questions or ticking boxes to develop innovative, high quality, and safe hearing solutions while driving efficiency through effective, streamlines processes.

Our EHS policy

WS Audiology is driven by a passion to improve the quality of life for people with hearing needs and redefine the landscape of the hearing aid industry.

As a medical instrument manufacturer, we place a great deal of importance on excellence in environmental protection, occupational health management, and workplace safety within the business as well as in the product life cycle.

Please find the EHS policy here
We are committed to:
  • providing a safe and healthy working condition for our employees, contractors and visitors, and systematically eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
  • preventing work-related disease and environmental pollution
  • ensuring that our product life cycle helps protect the natural environment and contributes to a sustainable future.
  • fulfilling our EH&S compliance obligations in our processes, which are the cornerstone of our daily work.
  • continuously improving our EH&S management system & performance to bring us closer toward the goal of zero accidents, zero health impact and zero waste.
  • securing the consulting and participation of workers are appropriate
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