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Too many people are still living with untreated hearing loss. Our purpose of bringing wonderful sound to all through our multi-brand, multi-channel strategy sets very high standards for our R&D teams, as each brand, channel, and consumer segment has unique requirements.

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In 2022/23, we invested EUR +170 million in R&D, corresponding to an R&D to sales ratio of 7 %

We have two distinct philosophies regarding sound: To create the most natural sound through ultra-fast processing in our PureSound technology and to enhance hearing performance by offering breakthrough audiological features through our Integrated Experience technology.

Our ever-increasing investment in R&D has enabled us to serve more brands than ever before with brand-specific innovations.

We have strong alliances with research institutes and industry pioneers to stay ahead of the curve and extend the reach of our creations. Our focus is holistic, encompassing physiological, neural, and behavioral research.

Our R&D powerhouse regularly delivers industry firsts and will continue to do so - since 1878.

Innovation highlights

We work tirelessly to redefine the boundaries of hearing technology

Through ground-breaking research and development, we are shaping the future with passion and precision. We are proud to say that our experience has made us particularly strong in rechargeability, the most natural sound, and innovative design. Check out our most recent innovations.


Working with innovation across WS Audiology

More than 1000 employees work across seven R&D hubs and offices worldwide to continuously develop new solutions.

Research and Development Hub
Research and Development Offices
Global headquarterProduction and distributionResearch and Development Hub
WSA's global headquarters is located in Lynge, Denmark. It is also a R&D Hub and a production and distribution center, employing +1000 people; talented engineers, audiologists, designers, developers and people from many other fields. The characteristic circular building has been energy neutral since it was completed in 2010. The building has a geothermal system that uses groundwater as a reservoir for heating and cooling. Together with an associated wind turbine and solar park, this means 100% green energy consumption at the site.
Regional headquarterProduction and distributionResearch and Development Hub
Singapore is WSA’s Hub for R&D, Operations/manufacturing, Quality, IT, Legal and Finance, and our entry to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. The Singapore hub is employing +1,300 people across a variety of functions.
Production and distribution
The Americas Manufacturing and Distribution Center (AMDC) in Tijuana opened in 2022 and it is a state-of-the-art facility which brings Wonderful Sound for All for the US and Canadian markets.
New York
Regional headquarterProduction and distribution
At Long Island, New York, we have a production and distribution site and our regional HQ is located in Iselin, New Jersey.
Research and Development Hub
Erlangen is one of our three main R&D Hubs, with a wide range of expert knowledge and technical expertise from over 400 talented engineers. Equipped with state-of-the-art lab facilities, our platform and software development teams work to create state-of-the-art hearing technologies and solutions. Erlangen also houses our Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and International Sales teams.
Production and distribution
In Poznan, Poland, we have our European distribution site.
Production and distribution
In Binan, Philippines, we have a production and distribution site.
Production and distribution
In Suzhou, we have our manufacturing and distribution center serving the Chinese market.
Research and Development Offices
Stockholm, Sweden - ORCA Europe researches the audiological and psychosocial consequences of hearing loss and hearing aid use from basic and applied perspectives.
Research and Development Offices
In Bangalore and Hyderabad our experts focus on scaleable software development, such as apps and fitting.
Research and Development Offices
In Skopje, our experts focus on software development such as apps and fitting.
Research and Development Offices
Our scientific Office of Research in Clinical Amplification (ORCA US) researches the benefits of hearing aid use from a primarily applied perspective.

The level of innovation that goes into our products is what sets us apart. We're always pushing the boundaries and coming up with new and exciting ways to help people hear better.


Platform Developer working in Denmark

Bringing stories to life

Stories in the Spotlight

We are very proud of the creativity and winning attitude of our R&D teams. Let’s introduce you to some of our innovative people across R&D.

  • Arash: "Building Tools that Help People Live Better"

    Arash, a Product Owner, works at SHOEBOX, WSA’s diagnostic business. He is based in Ottawa, CA. Thanks to his Unified Calibration System, SHOEBOX can calibrate transducers faster, use the same process for all transducers across various products, and store a very rich set of data points for each calibrated item. Interested to read more? 

  • Homayoun: “You Need an Inner Passion” 

    Homayoun Kamkar Parsi is Head of Signal Processing, Algorithmic Research, and Neural Networks based in Erlangen, Germany. He joined WSA 14 years ago. He is a visionary through and through and never loses sight of his goal. One of his visions from a long time ago has just been realized with the Signia IX products. Here is more. 

  • Esra: "Always Focus on the User Perspective"

    Esra Guenlue Kilic is a UX designer based in Erlangen, Germany. She joined WSA two years ago. Innovation is close to her heart. Recently, she was part of the team that received a UX Design product award for their RT App. Read more. 

  • Andrew: "Being a Problem Solver"

    Andrew Ong, Staff Engineer, Rechargeable Systems, is based in Singapore. He has been with WSA for five years. His area of innovation is the design of rechargeable systems: How do we charge the hearing instruments, manage the energy inside, and store and manage it for different applications? Interested to read more? 

  • Katrine: "A Really Complex and Exciting Set of Task Focuses"

    Katrine Lange is an Agile Software Manager based in Lynge, Denmark and has been at WSA for 2 years. She describes her current role as follows: “I am the line manager for some of our developers, I am a Scrum Master of one of our teams, and I am the interface to legal and enterprise architect colleagues.” Interested in reading more?