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Wonderful sound for all

A global leader in the hearing aid industry

We help millions of people regain and enjoy the miracle of hearing by designing and manufacturing innovative hearing devices and solutions. We improve people's health, well-being and quality of life by striving to unlock human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone's life. Through our global customer network of thousands of hearing care professionals and our consumer-facing businesses, we help raise awareness of hearing loss and facilitate access to professional care.

Situation & solution

More than 1,600 million people suffer from hearing loss globally

Of these, 430 million have a disabling hearing loss requiring treatment. However, less than 20% of those in need of treatment* are fitted with hearing aids.

(*Source: WHO, Hopkins Medicine)

  • 1153
    million people with mild hearing loss
  • 340
    million people with moderate hearing loss
  • 31
    million people with severe hearing loss
  • 17
    million people with profound hearing loss
  • 13
    million people with complete hearing loss
1153 m
> 1600 m
  • Hearing aids fitted by hearing care professionals (HCPs) or sold over-the-counter (OTC) directly to consumers without prescription.

    A person with mild hearing loss may struggle to hear sounds like dripping water, quiet conversations, leaves rustling, feet shuffling on floors/carpets, and birds chirping.

  • Hearing aids fitted via hearing care professionals and audiologists.

    People with moderate hearing loss may have difficulty hearing conversations in noisy environments, such as restaurants or busy streets, and will require hearing aids to assist them in hearing more clearly.

  • Hearing aids fitted via hearing care professionals and audiologists or bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) covering surgical titanium implants.

    Severe hearing loss affects an individual’s ability to hear sounds that are loud or at a normal volume and can have a significant impact on a person’s communication, social interactions, and overall quality of life.

  • Hearing aids fitted via hearing care professionals and audiologists or bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) covering surgical titanium implants

    Profound hearing loss is the most severe type of hearing impairment and individuals may be unable to hear any sounds at all or may only be able to hear very loud sounds.

  • Electronic cochlear implants surgically inserted.

    Complete hearing loss, also known as deafness, refers to the total inability to hear any sound at all. It is a severe and permanent hearing impairment that affects a person’s ability to communicate, learn, and interact with others.

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Breaking down the barriers

Unlocking human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone's life.

Connecting technology & people

Changing lives

Our purpose is to deliver Wonderful Sound for All. It is integrated with our strategic ambition to become a true leader by transforming lives across all markets, channels and price points.

WSA based on numbers

A few facts that define who we are

wonderful individuals working from more than 45 offices globally.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
From our diverse offices to our dynamic teams, we are united by a shared commitment to embracing differences and fostering an inclusive community.
engagement score in September 2023 - up from 7.6 in June 2022.
Employee Engagement
Engaged people are inextricably linked to our values of Pioneering for Better Solutions, Passion for Impact and Going Beyond Together.
engineers working at the forefront of innovation
Working at the forefront of innovation
We build on a 140-year history of driving ground-breaking innovations in hearing care.
million people equipped ​with WSA hearing aids in 2022/23​.
Transforming lives
We address awareness, accessibility, affordability and stigma in our mission to provide Wonderful Sound for All.
of the electricity we use at all​ our sites come from renewable sources. ​
Protect the planet
We are​ moving full speed ahead to reach our goal of​ 100% renewable electricity consumption by 2025.​
Bringing stories to life

Stories in spotlight

  • Breaking down the barriers

    It is our goal to increase awareness by making more people understand their own hearing needs, expanding access to reach more people, and tackling affordability by providing lower cost solutions.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Guided by our WSA values, we believe that we all should be role models and contribute to an inclusive and psychologically safe culture.

  • Building a wonderful place to work

    In WSA we focus on creating a culture anchored in a psychologically safe environment that embraces differences and honors diverse views. Our three values show the company we are building: Going Beyond Together, where we embrace diversity and inclusion, Pioneering for Better Solutions, where we share our passion for our customers and consumers, and Passion for Impact, where we deliver results while we grow and learn.

  • Bringing hearing care to more people

    It is our goal to increase awareness by making more people understand their own hearing needs, expanding access to reach more people, and tackling affordability by providing lower cost solutions.

  • New mobile fitting van hits the road in China

    The Signia Mobile Fitting Van is fully equipped to perform comprehensive hearing tests, fittings and adjustments, with a dedicated consultation area and test room. It doesn't just bridge gaps in access, it creates new avenues for engagement.

  • A Year of Progress and Partnership

    WSA embarked on a significant journey by entering the over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid category. The decision to enter this arena was driven by a deep commitment to address three key strategic challenges: Hearing aid awareness, accessibility and affordability.

How it all started

Our History & Heritage


Locations across WS Audiology

We are present in more than 130 markets and working from more than 45 offices globally. These are some of our locations:

Global headquarter
Regional headquarter
Production and distribution
Research and Development Hub
Global headquarterProduction and distributionResearch and Development Hub
WSA's global headquarters is located in Lynge, Denmark. It is also a R&D Hub and a production and distribution center, employing +1000 people; talented engineers, audiologists, designers, developers and people from many other fields. The characteristic circular building has been energy neutral since it was completed in 2010. The building has a geothermal system that uses groundwater as a reservoir for heating and cooling. Together with an associated wind turbine and solar park, this means 100% green energy consumption at the site.
Regional headquarterProduction and distributionResearch and Development Hub
Singapore is WSA’s Hub for R&D, Operations/manufacturing, Quality, IT, Legal and Finance, and our entry to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. The Singapore hub is employing +1,300 people across a variety of functions.
Production and distribution
The Americas Manufacturing and Distribution Center (AMDC) in Tijuana opened in 2022 and it is a state-of-the-art facility which brings Wonderful Sound for All for the US and Canadian markets.
New York
Regional headquarterProduction and distribution
At Long Island, New York, we have a production and distribution site and our regional HQ is located in Iselin, New Jersey.
Research and Development Hub
Erlangen is one of our three main R&D Hubs, with a wide range of expert knowledge and technical expertise from over 400 talented engineers. Equipped with state-of-the-art lab facilities, our platform and software development teams work to create state-of-the-art hearing technologies and solutions. Erlangen also houses our Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and International Sales teams.
Production and distribution
In Poznan, Poland, we have our European distribution site.
Production and distribution
In Binan, Philippines, we have a production and distribution site.
Production and distribution
In Suzhou, we have our manufacturing and distribution center serving the Chinese market.
Research and Development Offices
Stockholm, Sweden - ORCA Europe researches the audiological and psychosocial consequences of hearing loss and hearing aid use from basic and applied perspectives.
Research and Development Offices
In Bangalore and Hyderabad our experts focus on scaleable software development, such as apps and fitting.
Research and Development Offices
In Skopje, our experts focus on software development such as apps and fitting.
Research and Development Offices
Our scientific Office of Research in Clinical Amplification (ORCA US) researches the benefits of hearing aid use from a primarily applied perspective.

A broad brand portfolio across multiple channels

Our brands

Product brands

Rooted in unparalleled innovation and decades of experience, our brands are managed independently and built on truly differentiated platforms with their own unique technology inside.

We build on 140 years of driving ground-breaking innovation in hearing care

Innovation highlights

We work tirelessly to redefine the boundaries of hearing technology

Through ground-breaking research and development, we are shaping the future with passion and precision. We are proud to say that our experience has made us particularly strong in rechargeability, the most natural sound, and innovative design. Check out our most recent innovations.