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Our brands

Rooted in unparalleled innovation and decades of experience, our brands are managed independently and built on truly differentiated platforms.

Brand portfolio

Changing lives across all markets, channels, and price points.

Our business is a multi-brand, multi-channel ecosystem characterized by a strong focus on innovation, customer centricity and partnerships. We have a diverse range of products, services and channels that enable us to operate in multiple markets and segments within the hearing healthcare industry.

Product brands
We offer a diverse range of hearing aid brands to cater for different consumer needs and preferences.
Retail and online
We offer a variety of retail and online channels to make our products more accessible including retail stores, online sales and partner programs.
Managed care
Our managed care solutions are designed to help healthcare providers improve the quality of hearing healthcare while also managing costs.
We offer a range of diagnostic solutions to help hearing healthcare professionals diagnose hearing loss and provide appropriate treatment.
Strategic partnerships
Through the strategic partnership, Sony and WSA combine their respective technological and medical expertise to create solutions that shape the over-the-counter category in the USA.


Building a wonderful place to work

Brand stories

Get to know our product brands

Rooted in unparalleled innovation and decades of experience, our brands are independently managed and built on truly differentiated platforms. We take a dialog-based approach and work closely with hearing care professionals and wearers to ensure continuous innovation, development and refinement.


The Signia brand has a clear promise: Be Brilliant. It is both a challenge and an invitation. A call to everybody with hearing loss to grab the opportunity, take action, and perform at their best.

At Signia, our passion lies in creating life-enhancing technologies. For us, living life to the fullest means making a real impact.


Widex is one of WSA’s key brands in the premium B2B2C segment, catering to the independent HCP. At the heart of Widex hearing aids is the Widex time-domain filter bank, which is unique compared to the frequency-domain filter banks used by most other players in the hearing-aid industry. This approach to signal processing relies on principles that mimic how the human ear works, producing the superior, natural sound quality of Widex hearing aids.


Rexton hearing aids get the job done every single time. They will perform reliably at home, at work, during exercise, and you can wear them in all weather. That’s because they are built tough, using the highest quality materials, and tested rigorously to make sure they can answer all the challenges that life throws at you. Noisy rooms? No problem, you can focus on what’s being said. Drop them accidently? They are impact proof. Caught in the rain? They are water resistant. Working in a harsh environment? Don’t worry about it. And they can handle much, much more. Simply put, they’ll keep you prepared for every situation. They are made to be Lifeproof.

Audio service

Audio Service hearing aids are made with the belief that great hearing technology should be accessible to all. Our broad range of high-quality, easy-to-use hearing aids include the latest features and designs, ensuring there is a model to fit every need and budget. If you are looking for the latest hearing technology, they are the smart choice.

Accurate comprehension and natural sound: Quality of hearing is quality of life. Therefore, our products, services and offerings pursue only one objective: making your customers happier. We strongly believe that this is the best way to retain customers over the long term. This is why we rely on the highest level of service quality to support you and your company as individually as possible.


Vibe is our over-the-counter hearing aid brand in markets
outside the United States where people don’t have access
to support from an audiologist or do not seek professional
support. Each Vibe product is digitally aided with hearing
screening tools and self-adjustment to make the process easy
for the consumer. This makes Vibe well-positioned to be placed
in new channels such as e-Commerce, optical stores, and
pharmacies. Vibe is already available in some markets.