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Making wonderful sound part of everyone's life.

Together with our 12,000 colleagues in 130 countries, we invite you to help unlock human potential by bringing back hearing for millions of people around the world. Sounds wonderful?

wonderful individuals working from more than 45 offices globally
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
From our diverse offices to our dynamic teams, we are united by a shared commitment to embracing differences and fostering an inclusive community.
females in managerial roles
Did you know?
All managers in US go through Unconscious Bias Training to support the culture of inclusion.
nationalities represented across our global offices
More than a job
Across cultures and geographies, the three main reasons people join us are to: 1. Bring back hearing 2. Amplify your life 3. Unlock the potential
engagement score in September 2023 - up from 7.6 in June 2022.
Employee Engagement
Engaged people are inextricably linked to our values of Pioneering for Better Solutions, Passion for Impact and Going Beyond Together.
3.8 million people equipped ​with WSA hearing aids in 2022/23​
Transforming lives
We address awareness, accessibility, affordability and stigma in our mission to provide Wonderful Sound for All.

Working here is much more than a job.

Spotlight: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Working here is much more than a job. Sounds wonderful?

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Why working at WS Audiology sounds wonderful

WS Audiology is a supportive and caring company steered by our purpose. Working with us makes it possible for you to have an impact that affects both employees and clients. In these short videos, our employees share their personal experiences and insights into what makes their work special.

I hope to leave here every single day knowing that I helped somebody, I changed their life and I accomplished something for them at the end of the day.

Katelyn McGuire
Hearing Aid Specialist

Being a mechanical engineer we get to work with our hands a lot, so we do a lot of testing, prototyping, and I like that aspect of it because then you get to really work with the product, in a real way.

Ribka Balakrishnan
Mechanical Design Engineer

We are not just building working relationships, we also build the connection outside the office, to share our life experience that creates a good synergy among the team. And we can bring this synergy back to our work and create better goals.

Lim Hwi Siong
Director, Manufacturing Technology Development

Within the last years, a lot of things have changed based on the experience I hand to the developers. And that's what makes me proud that I personally have an impact in handing those problems to the developers and see what they make out of it and develop those things and make it better.

Maximilian Ruettinger
Product Development Professional
Graduate program

WSA Graduate Program

The WSA Graduate Program is a transformative 24-month program designed to cultivate our graduates’ talents through three dynamic cross-functional rotations and are positioned at our Headquarters in Lynge, Denmark. Through the cross-functional rotations, we help them grow and develop a toolbox tailored to ensure success in a job role after the program. The graduates explore diverse facets of our business by having a rotation in three of the following functions: Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and Commercial Development.

Learn more about our graduate program and what we have to offer

Join us. Sounds wonderful?