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WS Audiology is a global leader in the hearing aid industry

Corporate governance

We believe good governance practice is about values and integrity as well as compliance and risk mitigation. WS Audiology has a two-tier management structure, with the overall vision, strategy and objectives set by the Board of Directors, which is appointed by the company's shareholders. The Board of Directors appoints and oversees the Executive Board, which consists of the Group President and CEO and the Group CFO, who are responsible for the day-to-day management of WSA and its strategic direction. None of the executive officers are members of the Board of Directors.

Management structure

WS Audiology operates a two-tier management structure under which the overall vision, strategy, and objectives are anchored in the Board of Directors appointed by the company’s shareholders.


WS Audiology share capital is divided into 111 million shares, enjoying equal voting rights and dividend rights. WS Audiology is privately owned by CN8 A/S – the jointly owned investment company of the Tøpholm and Westermann families and the Lundbeck Foundation – as well as funds under the management of EQT.

The owners possess comprehensive healthcare industry and technology insight as well as experience building global market leaders with significant value-creation opportunities.

Risk management

Risks are a natural and integral part of our business. We continuously monitor the risk landscape and take proactive mitigating actions to optimize business performance while balancing risk and returns. The oversight responsibility for risk management lies with the Board of Directors. Group Management is responsible for the ongoing identification and management of risks, reviewing and shaping processes and activities.


Risks are continously identified and reported using uniform templates and tools


Identified risks are analysed and assessed to determine triggers, impact and likelihood


Key risks are established, prioritized and documented, and risk owners are appointed


Risk mitigation action plans are prepared and implemented across the affected businesses


Development of key risks and mitigation actions are monitored by risk deep-dives and reporting

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Channels for reporting misconduct

We provide you with a WSA Compliance Portal (see QR Code below), a web-based incident reporting system. Hosted by an independent third-party, the WSA Compliance Portal will enable anyone – both colleagues and external stakeholders – to easily and safely report potential issues or concerns related to our business ethics or our Code of Conduct. The new incident reporting system supports our commitment to conducting our business responsibly and acting ethically towards our colleagues, customers, business partners and the communities where we operate.

The WSA Compliance Portal is available in 15 languages. Reports in the new system are done through an externally-hosted internet portal and reporters may choose to remain anonymous.

You can also ask questions, raise issues and/or concerns about compliance issue by emailing us at or scan the QR code. All emails and reporting will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law and will only be shared on a need-to-know basis with the required person(s) who shall investigate and/or decide on the reported possible violation.


At WS Audiology Group, we strongly believe that acting responsibly and ethically is the right thing to do for our customers, our business partners, our colleagues and the communities where we work. We conduct our business responsibly and in compliance with the laws and regulations of all the countries where we do business. We do not tolerate illegal and unethical behaviour. Our Code of Conduct contains the core principles to guide us in our commitment to doing business to a high standard. It presents each of us with an ethical and behavioural framework to help make the correct choices in challenging situations.

Code of Conduct

Quality Policy

Human Rights


Environmental, Health & Safety

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

DEI Policy