About us

Formed in 2019 through the merger of Sivantos and Widex, WS Audiology combines more than 140 years of experience. 

Today, WS Audiology continues to pioneer the use of technology to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds that make life wonderful.

As a global leader, our ambition is to unlock human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.

Purpose: Unlocking human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.

  • Hearing has the ability to enhance quality of life and economic opportunity for millions of people.
  • We pioneer technologies and services that help people hear the sounds that make life wonderful.
  • Our ambition is to make hearing diagnosis and care accessible to all.

  • We have already helped improve the lives of millions of people with hearing loss and are uniquely capable of pursuing this Purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than giving someone back the miracle of hearing and helping them thrive. 

    This is what drives everything we do. Our ambition is nothing less than unlocking human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.

    To achieve this, we are taking action in four key areas:

    Leading Innovation

    To build distinct hearing brands.

    Supporting professionals

    To deliver the best care.

    Expanding access

    To hearing aids and care.

    Driving transformation

    To move hearing care forward.

    Today, one in three hearing aids worn by people around the world has been manufactured by us. We are active in over 125 markets, and employ more than 10,000 people worldwide. Our broad portfolio of leading hearing related products and services generates annual revenues of more than € 1.7 Billion. 

    WS Audiology is privately owned by the Tøpholm and Westermann families, as well as funds under the management of EQT and the Strüngmann family.

    Our brands

    Signia is one of the newest hearing aid brands in the world. Built on 140 years’ experience, it was launched globally in 2016 and has already advanced to be among the top three hearing aid brands worldwide. Signia focuses on bringing innovations to market that truly make a difference to the lives of users, and the hearing care professionals that serve them. 

    logo widex

    Widex, one of the best known hearing aid brands in the world, has more than sixty years’ experience developing state-of-the-art hearing aids and technology. Founded in 1956, Widex relentlessly pursues what is referred to as the Widex Sound, or perfect hearing in real life for hearing aid users, to satisfy demanding audiologists and their customers.

    A&M, who’s history goes back to the early 20th century, joined WS Audiology in 1987. A&M offers a portfolio of highly reliable hearing aids and accessories that are adaptable to alternative retail and service models, at affordable prices.

    Founded in 2012, audibene is the world's leading online provider of hearing care. With state-of-the-art technologies and a unique consultation approach, audibene changes hundreds of thousands of lives through better hearing. 

    Founded in 1977 in Germany, Audio Service first specialized in ITE's. They are renowned for their close work with hearing care professionals. 

    Bloom was stablished in 2010 and is leader in audiology based hearing care applied globaly and founded on long-term customer relationships.

    Founded in 1961, Coselgi products are now sold in over 30 countries, with a strong presence in Latin America. Coselgi is committed to providing people with hearing loss with excellent hearing aids and hearing aid accessories at competitive prices.

    hear.com is the brand under which the audibene business model has successfully expanded into the North American and Asian markets since 2015. Today, audibene and hear.com help people in 11 countries to hear well, so they can live well.

    HearUSA was founded in 1986 and is a recognized leader in hearing care. It partners with managed care organizations across the US and Canada.

    The Lifestyle Hearing Network is a group of independent hearing clinics mainly across Canada. All members are like-minded audiologists who are known as cornerstones in their communities because of the high-quality services they provide.

    Rexton, created in 1955, known as one of today's most reliable hearing aid brands, is available in more than 70 countries around the globe.

    Founded in 2005, Ottawa-based SHOEBOX is the leading provider of mobile hearing testing solutions. Its FDA-listed iPad-based audiometer makes it possible to reliably measure hearing. 

    TruHearing, founded in 2003, leads the U.S. market in hearing health managed care solutions. They partner with more than 70 different health plans. 

    WHS was founded in 2005 and is a full-service Medical and Audiology based hearing care company servicing hearing impaired people globally.

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