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Widex MOMENT Sheer Hearing Aid Solution Wins 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD

7 Oct 2022

Press release
Widex MOMENT Sheer leverages market-leading technology and a premium design to help wearers overcome hearing loss.

LYNGE, DENMARK, October 7th, 2022 – Widex has been named a 2022 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winner for the new Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid solution, including its charger and jewel case, redesigned TV PLAY, and their presentation boxes, based on its use of design to enrich people’s lives.

Widex MOMENT Sheer was selected for “A design that is not ‘typical’ of conventional hearing aids, in the best sense of the word. The concept of ‘expressing the pleasure of using hearing aids’ is successfully achieved through the design. The well-planned industrial design in every detail and the TV viewing device with regenerative fabric may encourage even ‘non-users’ to try the hearing aid. The software developed alongside the attractive hardware is based on unique sound quality technology that enables even first-time users to ‘hear naturally and without discomfort’. The device is a perfect combination of a light, unworn feel, beautiful design down to the smallest detail, and ease of use.”

“With Widex MOMENT Sheer, we’ve combined excellence in natural sound processing, engineering, and product design to establish a new standard in hearing technology,” said Claudia Schiffhauer, VP Widex Brand. “Moving us one step closer to hearing perfection, Sheer enables wearers to feel more connected to the world around them – and we’re honored to receive this esteemed recognition from the judges at GOOD DESIGN AWARDS.”

The Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid solution features an enhanced version of MySound, which was the first hearing aid application on the market where AI operates in real-time on the user’s preferences to create personalized listening experiences.

The new solution also debuts Widex SoundRelaxTM, an expanded library of fractal sounds, which bring the calming effect of soft tones and modulated nature sounds to wearers with and without tinnitus. To achieve most Natural Sound, Widex PureSound with ZeroDelay delivers the fastest sound processing available, eliminating artificial sound while making it easier for wearers to discern speech and place sounds around them.

Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aids boast a sleek, refined design and new microphone covers with a raised step running around the edge. Its charger is more stable and redesigned for better ease of use – with charging slots rotated 180 degrees compared to the previous model for more intuitive hearing aid insertion and a greater degree of color contrast between the slots and the case’s background. The included jewel case is secure and easy to use, with a latch to keep the hearing aids safe when stored.

Established in 1957, the GOOD DESIGN AWARDS recognizes innovative designs in categories such as consumer goods, architecture, software, systems, services, and more. The awards honor those who identify new possibilities in design, explore its innovations, broaden the fields where it can play a role, and ultimately foster a society where everyone can lead a better life. Past winners include Sony’s PlayStation 5, Lenovo’s ThinkPad, Toyota’s Harrier SUV, and Zoom’s video conferencing platform.

GOOD DESIGN AWARDS has developed the reputation that it has by recognizing only the year’s most impressive products – those whose design and performance establish new standards and positively impact the lives of consumers. Widex MOMENT Sheer delivers on these requirements while offering the opportunity to change the lives of millions who suffer from hearing loss.

Widex will be honored alongside the other GOOD DESIGN AWARDS winners with an award ceremony on November 1st at the 2022 Good Design Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

For more information about the Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid solution, click here. For high-res images, click here.

About Widex
Widex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids, was founded in Denmark in 1956. Since our beginning, our ambition has been to create the absolute best hearing aids to deliver the most natural sound. The pursuit of natural sound guides everything we do. Leading audiological research, quality craftsmanship, intuitive design, and exceptional support all play essential roles. Yet, it is the unique technology behind natural sound that truly sets us apart. With each technical advancement, we get closer to the ultimate achievement – sound so natural you can forget about your hearing loss. Sound like no other, naturally perfect.


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