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The new Rexton BiCore B-Li Rugged hearing aid – durable in every way

6 Feb 2023

Press release
Lynge, Denmark, February 2023 – Rexton – the global hearing aid brand known for its reliability – announced that it launches the BiCore B-Li Rugged, the most robust Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid Rexton has ever made.

Designed to handle the knock, spills, and accidents of everyday life, Rugged has a range of extensively tested design enhancements that enable a new standard of hearing aid durability. These include a thicker mechanical housing and frame, an airtight receiver with reinforced suspension, sealed charging contacts, new mic-inlet protection and sealing glue along all housing parting-lines.

The result is a hearing aid that is water resistant at a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes, so if anyone forgets to take it out before jumping in the water, it’ll be okay. It can withstand a drop of up to 2 meters, and has 2H level scratch resistance, so if people let it fall when handling it, no problem. It’s also impervious to damage from the harsh salts and oils in sweat and the solids and fluids in soaps and shampoos.

Global Head of Rexton Brand, Michelle Reyneke, comments: “We want to eliminate the disruption hearing aid damage causes to users’ lives, and the time and expense involved in repair or replacement. That’s why Rugged is so robust. It’s durable in every way, so it can handle all the knock, spills, and accidents of everyday life”.

For audiologists a reliable device makes a true difference for the user experience.

Audiologist & Speech Therapist, Heidi Allan, says: “The brain is the most important part of the hearing process and will process sounds more efficiently when the auditory input is consistent – thus, hearing aids need to be as rugged and robust as the wearer to maintain reliability and consistency of auditory information and enable the audiologist to provide a great hearing healthcare solution for the wearer.”

Rugged is rechargeable, so users don’t have to deal the hassle of handling and replacing batteries. It’s also super compact and its dimensions are comparable to those of a RIC rather than a normal BTE. This gives a particularly discreet fit.

The Rexton BiCore B-Li Is available from Feb 1st 2023 in selected markets.

About Rexton
Rexton is a global hearing aid brand known for its reliability, established 1955. We believe that nothing hearing related should ever be left to chance, both for the people with hearing loss, and those who depend upon them. We understand their challenges and we meet them with proven hearing technology that is made Lifeproof so it can be counted upon to perform reliably in even the harshest environments. At work, at home, during leisure time, exercise and in all weather, you can always RELY ON REXTON. To learn more please visit Rexton webiste.