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Introducing Rexton ReCharge: Launch of Affordable Rechargeable Hearing Solutions to Address Global Hearing Needs

4 Mar 2024

Press release

Hearing aids make an immediate difference for those who need them. They take away many of the frustrations that come with hearing loss and allow a return to a more normal routine. Switching from battery-powered hearing aids to rechargeable ones brings new energy to every hearing situation and everyday life. Now Rexton ReCharge delivers this new energy to the essential portfolio in an affordable way.  

 Rexton ReCharge brings new energy to work, hobbies, travel, nights out, family time and conversations everywhere. REXTON ReCharge also comes with a handy cable charger for use with one or two hearing aids, at home or on the go. No more hassles with tiny batteries. Just plug in and power up, and everything’s ready to go. 

 Key features of Rexton ReCharge include:   

  • Rechargeability: Recharge at home or on the go. Plug in and power up with the handy cable-charger. Can recharge one or two hearing aids.  
  • Affordability: The first rechargeable with proven hearing technology in the essential portfolio. The charger design reduces total price. 
  • Proven technology: All REXTON hearing aids are powered by proven hearing technology that provides  a smooth hearing experience.  
  • Long battery runtime At least one full day of use, from 27 hours to 72 hours of battery life. R-Li and B-Li P: 27h/ B-Li HP: 72h. 


Changing mindsets related to ear and hearing care is critical to improving access and reducing the cost of untreated hearing loss. REXTON ReCharge actively contributes to this change by introducing affordable and easy-to-use rechargeable hearing aids. 

 Michelle Reyneke, Global Head of REXTON said,

As we launch REXTON ReCharge, we are not just introducing a product, we are supporting a cause. Our commitment to providing affordable rechargeable hearing solutions aligns with World Hearing Day 2024’s goal of making hearing care a reality for all. At Rexton, and we want to make a significant impact on the global landscape of ear and hearing care.” 

 The new Rexton ReCharge platform includes the following hearing aids and charger: Rexton ReCharge R-Li, Rexton Reach B-Li, P/HP and the new cable charger. 

 Local launch dates may vary. If you are interested in knowing more about availability in a specific country, please contact the [Rexton brand team]. For more details go to 


About Rexton 

Rexton is a global hearing aid brand known for its reliability, established 1955. We believe that nothing hearing related should ever be left to chance, both for the people with hearing loss, and those who depend upon them. We understand their challenges and we meet them with proven hearing technology that is made Lifeproof so it can be counted upon to perform reliably in even the harshest environments. At work, at home, during leisure time, exercise and in all weather, you can always RELY ON REXTON.