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Introducing Rexton Reach: Every voice matters, and Reach makes sure every voice is heard

5 Feb 2024

Press release

Rexton, the global hearing aid brand known for its reliability, today launched Rexton Reach, the rechargeable hearing aid with Multi-Voice Focus. Rexton Reach ensures that every voice is heard. It allows users to hear multiple voices at the same time, even in background noise. And when the user needs to reach someone farther away, no problem. Reach works seamlessly with smartphones.

Michelle Reyneke, Global Head of Brand Rexton, said,

When a group of people are involved in a conversation, hearing can get complicated. People don’t all talk in the same way. Some voices are louder than others, voices overlap, and people move around. But every voice counts, and to be truly engaged in a conversation, hearing aid wearers need to be able to hear each participant clearly and consistently, even when there is background noise.”

With Rexton Reach, wearers get new groundbreaking technology that allows them to truly participate in group conversations, even when there is background noise. This new platform brings rechargeability and seamless connectivity for ease of use, adding to Rexton’s proven technology to perform reliably in any challenging environment.

The new Rexton Reach platform includes the following hearing aids: Rexton Reach R-Li, Rexton Reach R-Li T-coil and the Rexton Reach iX-CIC Li for an instant and invisible fit.

Key features of Rexton Reach include:

Multi-Voice Focus: 4 focus beams scan the environment 1000 times per second, monitoring the changing positions of speakers and their changing voice volumes. It constantly adapts to the changing dynamics of the conversation, boosting the prominence of those in the group who are speaking while keeping track of those who are silent. It does this without switching modes and without delay.

Seamless connectivity: Reach features MFi and ASHA protocols, so it connects seamlessly to smartphones. It’s also future proof, requiring only a simple firmware update to connect via Bluetooth® LE audio.

Rechargeable technology: With convenience in mind, it offers a rechargeable design for users, promoting sustainability and the peace of mind that a recharged hearing aid will get you through the day. Battery life is 18 hours on a full charge, including 5 hours of streaming.

Lifeproof: Rexton hearing aids are built with rugged components and extensively tested to ensure they can withstand whatever life throws at them. You can rely on them to withstand everyday challenges and harsh environments.

For more information about Rexton Reach and its features and availability, please visit


About Rexton

Rexton is a global hearing aid brand known for its reliability, established 1955. We believe that nothing hearing related should ever be left to chance, both for the people with hearing loss, and those who depend upon them. We understand their challenges and we meet them with proven hearing technology that is made Lifeproof so it can be counted upon to perform reliably in even the harshest environments. At work, at home, during leisure time, exercise and in all weather, you can always RELY ON REXTON.