Dear business partner,


Covid-19 and its aftermath will be with us for the foreseeable future. At WS Audiology, we therefore remain fully committed to protecting our employees, our customers, their clients, and all our business partners. We are proud and grateful for the flexibility, level-headedness and creativity of all colleagues and partners working to benefit people with hearing loss.

Despite the pandemic we have continued to innovate. Relentlessly. Our brands have been developing new products and hearing solutions non-stop, and we have invested more than ever in furthering the functionality of our remote technologies like TeleCare, Remote Care and remote trainings.

And we have introduced solutions to deal with some of the unexpected consequences of stopping the virus spread:  Signia launched “Mask Mode”, a special feature of the Signia App that helps hearing aid wearers understand more clearly what people are saying through their masks. And we introduced a Widex solution allowing patients to create a dedicated mask program within the Widex App, compensating differently for speech being slightly muffled by today’s masks.

These capabilities helped strengthen the trust of our customers, putting us in the best position possible to face the pandemic. A warm “thank you” to all who reached out to us in the past months — let’s continue to stay alert, optimistic, creative, and most importantly, healthy.

You can count on us.

Eric Bernard,
Group CEO, WS Audiology