Help people with hearing loss and make wonderful sound part of everyone's live

With hearing aids as our core, we have a clear strategy to achieve wonderful sound for all.

  • Sound is wonderful: It has the power to enhance both quality of life and economic opportunity. It adds richness to every experience.

  • Today over half a billion people suffer from some level of hearing loss - this is a crisis that holds people back and impacts all aspects of society.
  • In order to address this, we are taking action on a number of different fronts. 
Sound for

We are supporting professionals to help them deliver the best hearing care in the easiest possible way.

We are expanding access to hearing aids and care in order to reach more people around the world.

We are driving transformation to move hearing care forward, using new technologies to have the greatest possible impact on people's lives.

We are leading innovation to create devices and services that address the diverse needs of people with hearing loss.
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