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As advanced as hearing care is today, we are dedicated to making it even better. Our people have a passion for innovation and are committed to applying it to help make wonderful sound part of everyone's life. 


There is nothing more rewarding to us than seeing someone regain the miracle of hearing and watching them thrive. As a leader in our industry, we have already helped improve the lives of millions of people, but there is more to be done. 

Wonderful Careers

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Make a difference goal Make a difference
by helping people with hearing loss - making wonderful sound part of everyone's life.

Shape an industry goal Shape an industry
with a market leader that continues to drive innovation in our fast-paced industry.

keep learning goal keep learning
with our commitment to unlocking potential through personal and professional development.
Achieve more goal Achieve more goal
as a part of a high performance, collaborative, and empowering culture. 

One global team – two unique headquarters


Our newly refurbished Singapore head office employs more than 1,300 people across a variety of functions. Here, we host numerous global functions such as Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Quality, IT, Legal and HR. We also develop and manufacture state of-the art behind-the-ear hearing aid devices for our global markets.


Our state-of-the-art head office in Lynge, Denmark is a major Sales, Marketing, Finance and R&D hub, employing more than 900 people; talented professionals who develop behind-the ear and in-the-ear hearing aids with the most advanced, natural sound on the market.

Regional hubs


Erlangen is one of our three main locations for Research & Development, with a wide range of expert knowledge and technical expertise from our talented engineers. Equipped with state-of-the-art lab facilities, our platform and software development teams work to create state-of-the-art hearing technologies and solutions.


WS Audiology’s high-tech facilities at the Asian Manufacturing Center (AMC), based in Suzhou, is our largest production base globally. With over 20 years in the country, we are now the largest hearing aid manufacturer. We continue to strive toward operational excellence in producing highly sophisticated hearing aids for our customers with our SMART lean program.

United States

Our presence in the US is built upon a strong heritage of creating hearing solutions that help people live richer, fuller lives. An omnichannel presence, combined with our people’s passion for unlocking human potential, helps us address the hearing care needs of the world’s largest hearing aid markets.
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