Wonderful Sound for All

WS Audiology helps millions of people regain and benefit from the miracle of hearing. Currently, we sell 5.5 million units of hearing aids per year, and millions are served through our centers and partners. Our network also consists of thousands of managed care and diagnostics locations. 
It is common to think of hearing loss as an individual challenge, but at the current scale it is actually a global crisis that impacts all aspects of society. Hearing enhances quality of life and economic opportunity. It helps relationships flourish and adds richness to every experience. 

As leader in our industry, we have helped improve the lives of millions of people with disabling hearing loss. Yet, our industry reaches less than 15% of the 466 Million people affected, and the number is growing. 

There is nothing more rewarding than giving someone back the miracle of hearing and helping them thrive. This is what drives everything we do. Thus, our ambition is nothing less than 

Unlocking human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone's life.

To achieve this, we are taking action in four key areas:

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Sound for
Supporting professionals to deliver the best care
Our goal is to make it possible for all hearing care professionals to deliver the best hearing care in the easiest way. We provide the products, software and services they need to create satisfied, loyal customers.
Expanding access to hearing aids and care
By making hearing aids and care accessible through more channels, we can reach more people around the world. From audiologists to retailers and new digital models, everyone has a role to play in fulfilling unmet needs.
Driving transformation to move hearing care forward
Hearing impacts quality of life and economic opportunity. We are redefining our industry by fully exploiting new digital technologies and channels to have the greatest possible impact on people's lives.
Leading innovation to build distinct hearing brands
We are committed to enabling our brands to provide market leading solutions at all relevant price points. This means developing highly competitive device platforms and digital services that address diverse needs while taking advantage of our scale and unique capabilities.

Our brands

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