We work hard to move hearing care forward – and are always looking for people who are:

  • You work well with colleagues from other functions and regions, as gaining the support of others is critical to our success. 

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative by nature, you are always looking for new approaches to solve challenges.
  • You are quick to adapt, working for a pioneer in the fastmoving environment of today’s hearing care industry.


  • You strive to foster effective teamwork, and make it your mission to achieve results.

Career areas

Research and Development

With more than 140 years of innovation in hearing care, global R&D works to solve increasingly complex challenges focused on making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life. We embrace the latest technologies and take pride in transforming brilliant ideas into reality, pushing boundaries to deliver breakthrough technologies.


Our sales teams work relentlessly to bring life-changing solutions to millions of people with hearing loss world-wide. By working closely with partners all around the world, they are driving growth that benefits our customers and business.



Operations teams turn our biggest ideas into better-performing products that reach our consumers faster and more efficiently. To achieve this, they work closely with internal teams, suppliers and logistics providers across six continents, as well as navigating multiple supply chains and diverse ecosystems. All while remaining focused on speed to market, innovation and product quality.



Marketing teams are responsible for communicating the various aspects of our brand identity in consistent and compelling ways. Utilizing a range of channels including anything from physical retail to social media, marketing translates the science in to clear value for people with hearing needs around the world.


Our Finance team offers much more than ensuring the numbers add up at the end of the month. They deliver critical financial strategies and monitor performance based on thorough historical analysis and forward-looking projections. Finance enables the business to focus on opportunities, using information as a tool to enhance our overall performance.



Information Technology is where business, innovation, and technology come together to accelerate competitive advantage. Our IT professionals are invaluable strategic partners to the business, who deliver game-changing, technology-driven business models and capabilities.



Talent is our greatest asset. Our vibrant, agile and highly skilled HR community is constantly searching for and guiding ambitious individuals to help them thrive within our business. HR is a valued partner to our 10,000+ strong global team, managing the people process from hire to retire, and focusing on creating the best employment environment to fuel the success of our business.



We are always aware of our responsibility to provide products and services of highest quality to our customers as a medical device manufacturer. Our Quality department takes pride in what we do, and will never compromise on our strict quality requirements, safety rules and compliance procedures. 

Together, we collaborate with all function as the professional partner and supporter for improvements.

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