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Providing access to better hearing health

New mobile fitting van hits the road in China

2 Nov 2023

At WSA, we are committed to making hearing aids more accessible to everyone, regardless of location or socioeconomic background. Through the Mobile Fitting Van initiative, we aim to simplify the process of hearing testing and raise awareness about hearing protection.

This year, our Signia brand took important steps to improve access to hearing health. Designed with the intention of serving regions in China where healthcare infrastructure can be a challenge, the van has embarked on roadshows and end-user events, creating opportunities for local distributors and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive hearing care network in even the remotest corners.

The Signia Mobile Fitting Van is fully equipped to perform comprehensive hearing tests, fittings and adjustments, with a dedicated consultation area and test room. It doesn’t just bridge gaps in access, it creates new avenues for engagement.

“For many years, the hearing industry has struggled to reach those who need hearing aids. Addressing accessibility, mobility and the shortage of qualified hearing healthcare professionals has been an ongoing challenge, leaving many people without the life-changing benefits of hearing aids. Our Mobile Fitting Van is a tangible response to this challenge and aims to extend our commitment to communities that have historically been underserved by hearing care. Bernd Wagner, CEO of WS Audiology China.

One of the van’s key features is its built-in batteries, which power the air conditioning system for up to 7 hours, providing users with added comfort, especially during hot summers or cold winters. The interior of the van has been thoughtfully designed, with attention to details such as safety belts on the passenger seats and steps with handles for easy access, ensuring both comfort and safety, especially for elderly customers.