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Embracing differences

Building a wonderful place to work

7 Sep 2023

In WSA we focus on creating a culture anchored in a psychologically safe environment that embraces differences and honors diverse views. Our three values show the company we are building: Going Beyond Together, where we embrace diversity and inclusion, Pioneering for Better Solutions, where we share our passion for our customers and consumers, and Passion for Impact, where we deliver results while we grow and learn.

We have anchored our culture journey around three main pillars:

1. Strengthening and refining our people processes to activate the WSA culture in all touchpoints

2. Establishing a safe and trusted envi- ronment where all our employees can thrive, and

3. Expanding our communication and activation efforts to bring the culture to life.

In our people processes, we focus on encouraging and living our WSA values and behaviors. We have also enhanced our talent development framework to ensure that we take a broader and more holistic view when defining the developmental needs of our talents.

The refinement of our core people processes and activations has resulted in a strong improvement in our regular pulse survey results. Our latest WSA Heartbeat pulse survey in June 2022 showed that our employees are truly living our values and there has been a solid improvement over the last 12 months.

However, less than 20% of people* in need are equipped with hearing aids, despite the adverse consequences associated with hearing loss both for the individual and society, specifically: