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Esra: “Always Focus on the User Perspective”

6 Nov 2023

Esra Guenlue Kilic is a UX designer based in Erlangen, Germany. She joined WSA two years ago. Innovation is close to her heart. Recently, she was part of the team that received a UX Design product award for their RT App. Read more. 

Last year, Esra also participated in the company-wide ‘innovation challenge’ with her team. Their ‘Sound map’ idea was one of the finalists—the next goal: a patent application. 

Her passion 

“I love working in UX because it ranges from user research, concept development, graphic design, and working closely with B2C, B2B, and our feature ideas. The purpose of UX is to always focus on the user perspective, which is much more than designing interfaces.”  

 Never give up 

“An “ideal” UX solution would require a large development effort that is not always feasible; creating a new solution to identified user problems when you can’t draw from the full sources but have to constrain yourself, that’s often when the real innovation happens. We worked closely with the development teams and other technical, management, and marketing stakeholders to ensure a continuous feedback loop. That’s how we managed to improve the user experience in the best possible way.” 

 Getting better and better 

“One of the aha moments was when we redefined the problem to solve more UX issues than “just” a visual refresh. The results of the usability testing we did with end users on our design concepts helped everyone understand the possibilities. After the redesign, the RTApp gained flexibility and better fit WSA’s multi-brand strategy. We also made sure the new solution was future-proof. Features can be combined to easily customize the app depending on the brand and hearing instruments to be paired. In addition, the ease of use and accessibility of the app increase user engagement and satisfaction, as initial testing has shown.”