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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

31 Aug 2023

“It takes all kinds of voices to deliver Wonderful Sound for All and it requires a psychologically safe environment to make it possible!”

An inclusive culture is a top priority for us. We engage colleagues in various DEI trainings and events under the theme “Going Beyond Together,” underscoring our commitment to valuing diverse perspectives.

Our DEI networks have played a key role in organizing these initiatives, and in 2023 they reached a significant milestone by organizing Pride parades in Denmark and the US, reinforcing our support for LGBTQ+ communities.

Recognizing the critical role of leadership, we have launched the Embracing Inclusive Leadership Program for our leaders. This initiative complements our localized DEI campaigns, where we use interactive DEI surveys in key locations (Germany, Singapore and Denmark).

These surveys have provided valuable insights into where we should focus our local DEI strategies. The results have also helped us develop core DEI questions for our annual global Employee Engagement survey, allowing us to effectively track our progress.