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Arash: “Building Tools that Help People Live Better”

6 Nov 2023

Arash Fard, a Product Owner, works at SHOEBOX, WSA’s diagnostic business. He is based in Ottawa, CA. Thanks to his Unified Calibration System, SHOEBOX can calibrate transducers faster, use the same process for all transducers across various products, and store a very rich set of data points for each calibrated item. Interested to read more? 

This innovative solution has also helped SHOEBOX to optimize the training process and to become much more scalable and efficient. So far, the system has been used to calibrate thousands of headphones for, WSA’s leading digital platform for hearing aids, and many other customers. 

His Passion 

“I have always been interested in solving problems with technology. As a child, I was always curious about how my toys worked and took them apart to “fix” them. Building tools that help people live better has brought me great personal satisfaction. Our mission at SHOEBOX is to test a billion ears by turning electronic devices into audiometers, and the conventional method of calibrating audiometers is insufficient to achieve that goal. We needed to find a better solution. I conducted various experiments and ultimately designed and implemented a system that satisfied our needs.” 

 Never give up 

“Innovation is a journey through challenges and uncertainties. Each obstacle allows us to learn, refine, and redefine our ideas. During the development of our calibration system, one of my fundamental assumptions turned out to be false. It was a showstopper for the entire project. Luckily, I overcame my disappointment, gathered myself, collaborated with experts, and found a new path to complete the project. Thinking about the path from initial inspiration to final realization brings me much joy.” 

Getting better and better 

“Improving incrementally is the foundation of all game-changing solutions. It is achieved by embracing feedback, analysis, and adapting to change. To do better and to be better drives us forward as human beings. I strive to do just that in both my professional and personal lives.”