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Andrew: “Being a Problem Solver”

6 Nov 2023

Andrew Ong, Staff Engineer, Rechargeable Systems, is based in Singapore. He has been with WSA for five years. His area of innovation is the design of rechargeable systems: How do we charge the hearing instruments, manage the energy inside, and store and manage it for different applications? Interested to read more? 

 With a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Andrew loves improving solutions to these types of problems. 

His passion 

I’ve always had a penchant for being a problem solver. I don’t mind bumping into walls. I look at it as a part of my development process. I like to learn more and more relevant knowledge to be better prepared next time :-). I like to tackle additional things. I cannot sit quietly; I am more of a “let’s do something” person. “Solving problems” is my motto, and it’s been that way since I was young. I like to do that, individually or in a group.” 

Never give up 

It was a big challenge at first to specialize in developing rechargeable systems. I wanted to know everything about the most essential materials and the batteries that power our devices; I strive to understand them beyond the scope of the field and absorb as much relevant knowledge as possible. And above all, avoid setting a framework like only electrical engineering does. Problem-solving is more comprehensive; it includes electrochemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, and hardware… I try to do as much as I can within my own sphere of influence so that I can venture into the relatively unknown without fear of failure because I believe that is part of the learning journey. 

Getting better and better 

Getting better is about understanding yourself and overcoming your inner limitations. I look at myself, try to rewire my brain, and learn new skills to keep improving. 

I have learned that it is helpful to replace limiting layers, like past fears or bad experiences, with more empowering ones. As I move forward, I have a better sense of direction for myself. I am simply trying to find the truth. My primary motivation is never to stop learning. Whatever you learn, solidify it, always find a new perspective, and always question the status quo. That’s my approach, and not just at work.  

With the right tools, knowledge, collaboration, and acceptance of challenges, I firmly believe that you can expand many of your capabilities – and don’t need to be afraid of the new/unknown.