Dear customers, suppliers and other relations,

We stand with Ukraine. We are deeply saddened by the devastating impact the current situation is having on Ukraine and the country’s people, not least our Ukrainian employees. 

Since the start of the conflict, we have been in daily contact with our Ukrainian employees and their families. Those who wanted to leave, have been helped to a safer place. Some wanted to stay in Ukraine, others have left the country. We’ll continue to help them, and if they want to build up a life abroad, we will support them as much as we can.

We have suspended the export of hearing aids to Russia since the start of the conflict, and we do not know how long this will last. With the stock that is still left, our Russian colleagues are doing what they can to continue supporting our audiology customers and the many end-users with hearing loss. This is about living our purpose.

WSA has made a donation to the Red Cross to support their work in providing urgently needed protection and medical care for civilians fleeing the attacks. We have given our employees the possibility to donate alongside us, and many have chosen to do so. Some of our colleagues in neighboring countries are also helping refugees directly, providing shelter, food, and medical supplies. We are proud of the compassion and generosity our employees are showing in these troubling times.