SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production

As an UN Global Compact signatory, efforts and policies to reduce our global consumption are constantly under review. WS Audiology has a long tradition of developing energy efficient hearing aids. Very often, having the industry’s lowest battery consumption is yet another reason why our hearing aids are the smarter choice. 

Users save time and money when changing fewer batteries, while also doing our environment a favor. Additionally, three out of our four premium products are rechargeable.

Creating Good Habits

  • (April 2020, PT) WS Audiology continues to find ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices and sustainable habits—such as reducing the use of plastic—into its daily operations.In April, WSA Audiology Portugal bought 28 recycling bins worth around 2,000 US dollars to promote recycling in its shops and offices. 

Collecting plastic

  • (August 2019, PL) WS Audiology Poland showed support for the Wroclaw Hospice for Children Foundation by taking responsible action with the company’s plastic waste. Colleagues managed to collect 23kg of plastic in one week. The foundation could exchange it at recycling companies for cash that would go toward helping terminally ill-children. If WSA Poland keeps up the good work, they could donate approximately 250 USD yearly, and ensure that their plastic waste is adequately recycled.


Lessening Our Environmental Impact

  • (January 2019, DE - See photo above) Our WS Audiology Customer Service team in Germany recently found a way to drastically lower its environmental impact. As of January 2019, all internal order entry processes have been digitalized, beginning with audiologists completing the recording online. This saves paper and toner and reduces unnecessary waste.

    The results are outstanding! In Germany alone, we save around 250,000 pages of paper per year, in addition to the hardware that would otherwise gradually wear off and eventually need replacement. We are proud to be taking steps to combat climate change and lower our carbon footprint.

Supporting Jobs while Recycling

  • (January 2019, DE) WSA regularly donates unused IT equipment to the non-profit group “Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung” (AfB) [English: Work for People with Disabilities]. This organization provides people with disabilities jobs such as refurbishing, selling, or disposing of certain devices and equipment. With our donations, we not only helped sponsor the work for people with disabilities, but we were also able to save 8,465 kg of iron equivalents, 15,190 kWh of energy, and 4,570 kg of CO2 equivalents.

    Step by step our impact is growing.

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